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Tim Nguyen Developmental Biology Scars That Won’t Heal Summary For quite some time now it has been noted that the early stages of childhood developmental are extremely important in a person’s life for their development and long term success. When children are abused this has extremely detrimental affects on the rest of their lives. Within this article, it discussed quite a few ways in which a childs life is affected by such abuse. It is often seen through extreme personalities which are created by the extent of the abuse. Internally it can appear as depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts or posttraumatic stress; it can also be expressed outwardly as aggression, impulsiveness,
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Unformatted text preview: delinquency, hyperactivity or substance abuse. Often times there are brain charges, it has been recorded that patients who acknowledged both physical and sexual abuse had average scores 113 percent higher than patients reporting none. Maltreatment before age 18 had more impact than later abuse, and males and females were similarly affected. Both of these are equally detrimental and must be an area of concern for us because we reap the effects of our youth and thus must show concern if they are not developing correctly....
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