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showtime - is important enough that you must show up on...

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Tim Nguyen Developmental Psychology The Art of Showing Up On Time Being on time is a key principle that many people have seemed to forget. This principle of being on time is evident in almost every facet of life. Being on time, is so important because it shows two things, one it shows that you care enough about something to show up on time for it, and out of common courtesy it is important to show up on time. If you show up on time, it shows that you have an interest and feel that the matter
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Unformatted text preview: is important enough that you must show up on time. This is evident in the workplace, school, and any other affair or event in which you are required to show up on time. Secondly, it is simply common courtesy to the other party or whoever has requested you to show up at a certain time. Out of courtesy and respect it is important to show up on time....
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