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What is it? Glossophobia or better known as the fear of public speaking is a phobia that affects nearly 75% of our population. Fear of public speaking is defined as being afraid to speak in front of audience, and experiencing great amounts of stress and anxiety when doing a spech front of people. 3 Most Symptoms of Glossophobia 1. Intense anxiety before a speech; a the thought of having to giving a speech in front of an audience 2. Individuals simply ignore instances where the possibility of speaking in front of others might come up 3. Physical distress, nausea, and panicky feelings
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Unformatted text preview: Symptoms can be broken down into 3 categories: physical, verbal, and non-verbal Physical: Some people will have increased heart rate, increased blood pressure, dilated pupils, increased perspiration, increased oxygen intake, steiffening of neck/upper back muscles, dry mouth, feelings of nausea and panic. Verbal: Tense voice, quivering voice, using a lot of umms and ahhs Non-verbal: Some individuals have performed well when theyre not forced to speak in front of an audience, rather doing a performance, theyve been ok with....
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