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Nguyen 1 Tim Nguyen 17 April 2008 Prof Wynn English 101 Essay #5 Cellular Phones Within Retail Businesses Only through technology have humans been able to continually progress, from the wheel to modern day computers, each have made the lives of humans easier. I myself, am a business major and currently handle the major purchasing responsibilities at Attic, a retail shop. I have experienced first hand the great advantages that technology has given me, in regards to my job. The computer makes it easier for me to format and write orders, the internet, allows me to email my venders and keep in touch with them, but the most important technological advancement, is the cell phone. The cell phone originated from two ways radio, and has since progressed to be one of the greatest tools to mankind today. Developed early on in 1947, cellular phones were use strictly by government and high ranked official. However over time, the idea of a cellular device for citizens to use, became a reality. The government began to build cellular towers and satellites which would enable the use of cell phones at any time and place. It has been found extremely useful in case of emergencies and cases where immediate attention is needed. Moreso, in my field of business, it allows myself to keep in touch with everyone on a daily basis, and be able to reach people at any time. The cell phone, or more specifically the Blackberry has proven to be a great asset at trade shows and meetings. First off the Blackberry is categorized as being a smartphone. This means that the Blackberry is able to send emails, receive emails, send pictures, texts, etc. Smartphones have been compared to a laptop which is accessible from your hand. First off most smartphones come with internet access through wifi connections. This is a huge benefit because it allows individuals to stay up to date with all events which are taking
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Nguyen 2 place. This includes access to email and pdf files. For many business minded individuals, long gone are the days of secretaries which would handle all incoming mail and news. Now individuals are faced with the responsibility of handling all such matters themselves. With
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cell phone - Nguyen 1 Tim Nguyen 17 April 2008 Prof Wynn...

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