ethnics - Chapter 12 Gerrymandering is a form of de facto...

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Chapter 12 Gerrymandering is a form of de facto segregation School segregation that is the result of an official or deliberate policy of having separate schools for different racial groups is de jure segregation. Apparently, what is learned in the hidden curriculum is what employers are looking for in applicants for higher-status jobs: values and work habits that will "fit in" rather than any concrete factual knowledge. Many critics argue that even though there is an increased emphasis on cultural diversity in today’s school materials, they still are Your answer: Eurocentric. Homophobia is prejudice against homosexuals and/or bisexuals. According to the looking-glass self our beliefs about ourselves are based on the messages we get from others. If the messages are negative, the self-concept will be negative. False consciousness is the acceptance of values and beliefs, usually by a subordinate group, that do not serve the self-interest of that group. When teachers expect more of some students and less from others, their expectations affect the way they interact with the students, and as a result their expectations come true. This is known as the self-fulfilling prophecy. Afrocentrism is an effort by African Americans to emphasize and value African history and culture. Many social scientists favor programs to bring about cultural pluralism teaching minority students the values and habits they need to get ahead in school and life. Cultural pluralism occurs when each group in society retains certain sets of attitudes, beliefs, and lifestyles while sharing others. Multiculturalism can be defined as an approach that recognizes and values cultural differences and attempts to be inclusive of all racial, ethnic, and cultural groups. Cultural pluralism is an educational approach that directly promotes positive role models of the students’ own racial or ethnic background. One of the most important factors in de facto segregation today is housing segregation. The Coleman Report found lower levels of achievement among children form homes that lacked a television set, telephone, record player, automobile, vacuum cleaner, and so on.
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This deficit was called cultural deprivation. The absence or distorted presentation of minorities in school materials can seriously harm the self-image of minority group children. Rosenthal’s and Jacobson’s classic study used IQ test scores as the dependent variable and found ten-to fifteen point IQ differences in the first and second grades as a result of differences in teacher expectations. The tendency to reinforce racist thinking about the intelligence of minority groups by creating the belief that it can be "scientifically proven" that some groups are genetically inferior to others, is one of the harmful effects of testing bias. Projection is the process by which one forgets about, minimizes, or denies certain
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ethnics - Chapter 12 Gerrymandering is a form of de facto...

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