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Tim Nguyen September 25, 2011 BA 114 Assignment Two: Disney Marketing Expansion As Disney enters the market in China, they must be aware that this is a unique market, one which is much different from the United States. When marketing their brand, they must take into consideration the environmental factors such as economic, socio- cultural, technological, and political-legal which must be modified as they switch over from the US to the Chinese market. First off, economically, they must be aware that the spending habits of Chinese citizens are much different from Americans. Socio-cultural wise, Americans are a much more individualistic culture whereas China and other Asian countries have a focus on the collective group, this must be a part of their focus to stay connected with this theme.
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Unformatted text preview: Thirdly, from a technological standpoint, China is rapidly growing in this space, and thus this area may be very similar to where the US is at currently. Lastly the political-legal government in China is still communist. Of course, this is much different from the Democratic government we have here in the United States and this must also be a key issue to be aware of when entering the Chinese market. Based on the above list of issues, I feel that the best approach will be a multidomestic marketing strategy which will stay loyal and consistent with the overall branding. The core of Disney’s branding will stay intact, but the marketing strategy itself must be custom tailored to fit with the target market....
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