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Comments - Backward Euler Method Gong Chen 1 Space your...

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Comments Numerical Methods in Matlab - Brandon 1. Explain/defne terms in the overview such as DFT, FFT and heat equations. It would be good ±or the reader to review these terms i± he/she isn ʼ t ±amiliar with them. 2. Expand more on how the equations are separable, a line or two should su±fce. 3. In the section about FE, explain how t_{max} is reached. 4. In the section about BE, explain the tricky part in more detail 5. In section 1.5.1, prove the entire expression and not the sketch. 6. Typo eq 29 7. A±ter eq 30, explain IFT in better detail. 8. Section 3.2.1, make the picture visible. 9. Include an appendix with your programs.
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Unformatted text preview: Backward Euler Method - Gong Chen 1. Space your equations as Brandon did in his write-up. 2. Using command \section ±or headers and \subsection ±or Fourier Spectral Methods - Gong Chen 1. Section 1, re±erence rather than write ask the reader to in±er. 2. Check commas and spelling in the frst paragraph. 3. Add a line or two about spectral convergence. 4. Section 2, explain what a Chebyshev expansion/polynomial is. 5. Label your equations, it is easier to re±er to them then. 6. Re±er to Brandon ʼ s write up to defne terms more e±fciently....
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