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20 THE CLAISEN REARRANGEMENT curie acetate, with formation of mercurous acetate, so that the test must be used with caution. 64 The propenylphenols can be ozonized to the hydroxyaldehydes, 48 - 76 but these usually can be prepared more easily by standard methods. OTHER METHODS OF SYNTHESIS OF ALLYLPHENOLS Allylphenols and derivatives with substituents in the allyl group can , be prepared by direct C-alkylation of the sodium salt of the phenol in benzene solution. 16 This method is not as good for the preparation of allylphenols themselves as the one involving preparation of the allyl ether followed by rearrangement, because a mixture of several products is obtained in C-alkylation. Thus the alkylation of p-cresol in benzene with sodium and allyl bromide yields 20% of allyl 4-methylphenyl ether, 8% of allyl 2-allyl-4-methylphenyi ether, 40% of 2-allyl-4-methyl- phenol, and 15% of 2,6-diallyl-4-methylphenol. 16
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