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Organic Lab Reactions 34

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TABLE I. REARRANGEMENT OV OPEN-CHAIN COMPOUNDS A. Ethers of Enols Compound Ethyl O-allylacetoacetate " Ethyl O-cinnamylacetoacetate O-Allylacetylacetone O-AHyloxymethylenecamphor Allyl vinyl ether Allyl a-methylvinyl ether Allyl ot-phenylvinyl ether 7-Ethylallyl vinyl ether containing 23% of a-isomer Conditions; Time, hours 4 6 1 1 Tempera- ture, ° C. 150-200 110 260 At b.p. 255 255 <175 220 Solvent (or Catalyst) (NH4CI) (NH4CI) \ Product ' Ethyl allylacetoacetate Ethyl of-phenylallylacetoacetate Ethyl cinnamylacetoacetate Allylacetylacetone C-Allyloxymethylenecamphor Allylaeetaldehyde Allylacetone 7-Butenyl
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