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Organic Lab Reactions 55 - into aliphatic molecules. These...

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50 ALIPHATIC FLUORINE COMPOUNDS ^~ PAGE Experimental Procedures 68 Ethyl Fluoride 68 Isopropyl Fluoride 69 Cyclohexyl Fluoride 69 2,2-Difluoropropane . . ~ 69 Direct Fluorination and Addition of Fluorine 69 Table III. Products Obtained by Direct Addition and Substitution of Fluorine 71 Experimental Procedure 73 Fluorination of Pentachloroethane 73 Replacement of the Hydroxyl Group of Alcohols 73 Synthesis of Fluorides Other than Hydrocarbon Derivatives 74 Acids » ) 74 Aldehydes 74 Alcohols 74 Ethers 75 Ketones 75 Amines 75 TABLE IV. ALIPHATIC FLUORINE COMPOTJNDS 76 INTRODUCTION Reactions of four types have been used for introducing fluorine atoms
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Unformatted text preview: into aliphatic molecules. These are listed below in the order of their practical importance at the present time. v 1. Interaction of organic halides or polyhalides with inorganic fluo-rides. RX + MF -> RF + MX 2. Addition of hydrogen fluoride to olefins and acetylenes. RfcH=CHR' + HF — > RCHis—CHFR' RCssCR' ^> RCF=CHR' ^ > RCF*—CH 2 R' 3. Direct fluorination of saturated compounds or addition of fluorine to unsaturated compounds. RH + F 2-> RF + HF RCH=CHR' + F 2-> RCHF—CHFR' 4. Replacement of the hydroxyl group of alcohols. ROH + HF fc> RF + H 2 O...
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