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Organic Lab Reactions 57 - 52 ALIPHATIC FLUORINE COMPOUNDS...

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52 ALIPHATIC FLUORINE COMPOUNDS acetic acid and benzoyl chloride, treated with potassium fluoride in boil- ing acetic anhydride, 6 but an extension of this work to higher homologs disclosed that the reaction is first retarded and then stopped by the formation of a coating of potassium chloride on the reagent. 6a Allyl fluoride has been obtained by gentle heating of a mixture of allyl chloride and silver fluoride. 6 Hydrogen fluoride cannot be used with allyl halides because the first reaction is addition to the double bond; thus, methallyl chloride and hydrogen fluoride react to formthe chloro- fluoride, (CH 3 ) 2 CHFCH 2 C1. 6 ° An equimolecular mixture of hexachloro- propene and antimony trifluoride, heated under reflux, generates the trifluoride, CC1 2 =CC1CF3, quantitatively; 7 by allowing the intermedi- ate mono- or di-fluoride to distil as formed, either of them can be pro- duced quantitatively. 7 Since the replacement of each chlorine atom by
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