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EQUIPMENT 59 tion. 42 Mercuric, prepared from mercurous fluoride and chlorine, 38 proved capable of converting methylene chloride and methyl- ene bromide quantitatively to CH2F2, tribromoethane to CHF 2 CH 2 Br, and acetylene tetrabromide to CHF 2 CHBr 2 . A side reaction appeared, 'especially in the case of ethylene bromide which was transformed to a mixture of ethylene fluoride and ethylene chlorobromide. It has not yet been possible to employ hydrogen fluoride in conjunction with mercuric fluoride in a process comparable to that with hydrogen fluoride and antimony fluorides (p. 56). At room temperature there is practically no reaction between hydrogen fluoride and mercuric chlo- ride, and at temperatures high enough to permit the reaction the prac- tical difficulties of operation are such that the process is without value. 6 " CONSTRUCTION OF APPARATUS AND PREPARATION OF REAGENTS Equipment. All interchange reactions must be carried out under rigorously dry conditions. The very easy interchanges can be done in
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