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EXPERIMENTAL PROCEDURES . 61 100 cc. of 48% hydrofluoric acid and 260 cc. of water in a platinum dish, "which is then heated on the water bath. The mixture is stirred and heated until a dry, sandy powder is obtained. This powder is immedi- ately scraped off the walls, crushed in the bottom of a platinum crucible, and then heated for an hour on the water bath. The salt must be removed from the dish and stored immediately in tightly stoppered copper or resin containers. The-yield is about 80 g. Analysis indicates the product to be essentially pure mercurous fluoride. The use of organic solvents for washing and drying does not simplify the process, and the use of chemical reagents inferior to the chemically pure grade causes complications. Preparation of Antimony Trifluorodichloride (SbF 3 Cl 2 ). This is made in the' steel reaction vessel, described on p. 59. A known quantity of antimony fluoride is placed in the vessel; the vessel is evacuated, the needle valve is closed, and the whole is weighed. Connection is estab-
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