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Organic Lab Reactions 79

Organic Lab Reactions 79 - 74 ALIPHATIC FLUORINE COMPOUNDS...

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74 ALIPHATIC FLUORINE COMPOUNDS ment cannot be employed. The methods claimed in the patent litera- ture for the synthesis of alkyl fluorides from alcohols have many dis- advantages. Since it is now possible to add hydrogen fluoride efficiently to olefins, the conversion of alcohols to alkyl fluorides is of interest only in a few special cases. Synthesis of Fluorides Other than Hydrocarbon Derivatives In general, it is difficult to introduce fluorine into a molecule containing oxygen. Direct "fluorination of oxygen compounds has been tried repeatedly, but usually has yielded indefinite fluorine-containing deriva- tives in which the location of the fluorine was not ascertained. Only recently has acetone been transformed into monofluoro- and hexafluoro- acetone in experiments explicitly described. 63 When replacement of halogen or addition of hydrogen fluoride is attempted, enough water is usually formed to stop the reaction or alter its course. Acids.
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