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Organic Lab Reactions 80 - AMINES 75 was performed by...

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AMINES 75 was performed by Swarts, has never been successfully duplicated despite the attempts with a variety of catalysts and conditions. It must be con- cluded that Swarts used a particularly suitable catalyst which, un- fortunately, was not described. Trifluoroisopropyl alcohol 89 has been obtained by the reduction of 1,1,1-trifluoroacetone, 90 which had been obtained from trifluoroacetoacetic ester. 86 Fluoroethanol 12 has been made by saponification of its acetate, which was obtained from the acetate of bromoethanol and silver or mercury fluoride. Difluoro- ethanol M has been obtained from CHF 2 CH 2 I and mercuric oxide in water at -140° in sealed tubes. The reaction of two molecules of methyl- magnesium bromide with an ester of trifluoroacetic acid has been used for the synthesis of tertiary trifluorobutyl alcohol, CF 3 (CH3) 2 COH. 92 Ethers. Fluoro ethers have been obtained either by replacement, such as the formation of CF3OCH3 from the trichloro derivative, 93 or by the action of alcoholic potassium hydroxide, upon a polyhalide. Examples
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