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CHAPTER 3 THE CANNIZZARO REACTION T. A. GBISSMAN University of California, Los Angeles CONTENTS PAGE INTRODUCTION 94 MECHANISM OF THE REACTION 96 SCOPE OF THE REACTION ." . 97 Aliphatic Aldehydes 98 Aldehydes without a-Hydrogen Atoms 98 Aldehydes with One a-Hydrogen Atom 99 Aldehydes with One a-Hydrogen Atom, in the Presence of Formaldehyde . 100 Aldehydes with Two a-Hydrogen Atoms, in the Presence of Formaldehyde 100 a,(S-Unsaturated Aldehydes 102 Aromatic Aldehydes 103 Monosubstituted Benzaldehydes 103 Disubstituted Benzaldehydes 105 Tri- and Tetra-Substituted Benzaldehydes 107 Heterocyclic Aldehydes 108 The Crossed Cannizzaro Reaction 109 EXPERIMENTAL. CONDITIONS ^ 110 Concentration of Alkali
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Unformatted text preview: 110 Solvents 110 Temperature 110 EXPERIMENTAL PROCEDURES Ill 2-Methyl-2-ethylpropane-l,3-diol m . Ill Isobutylene Glycol and a-Hydroxybutyric Acid Ill Pentaerythritol Ill m-Hydroxybenzyl Alcohol and m-Hydroxybenzoic Acid Ill m-Bromobenzyl Alcohol and w-Bromobenzoic Acid 112 o-Methoxybenzyl Alcohol 112 o-Nitrobenzyl Alcohol and o-Nitrobenzoic Acid 112 The Crossed Cannizzaro Reaction 113 INTRODUCTION The reaction in which two aldehyde groups are transformed into the corresponding hydroxyl and carboxyl functions, existing separately or in combination as an ester, has been termed the Cannizzaro reaction. AI-94...
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