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Organic Lab Reactions 103

Organic Lab Reactions 103 - 98 THE CANNIZZARO REACTION hyde...

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98 THE CANNIZZARO REACTION hyde. It has been observed with aldehydes which have a-hydrogei atoms, although generally under conditions quite dissimilar to those employed with aldehydes of the first class. For example, isobutyralde- hyde is reported to undergo quantitative conversion into isobutyric acid and^isobutyl alcohol when heated with barium hydroxide solution at 150° in a sealed tube. 26 There are reports that aldehydes containing two hydrogen atoms on the a-carbon atom undergo the Cannizzaro reaction, 27 - 28 but the results are inconclusive. In some cases workers unable to repeat earlier experiments 26> 29 attributed the previous results to impurities in the reactants (e.g., methylethylacetaldehyde in isovaler- aldehyde). In another case 28 the extent of the supposed Cannizzaro reaction was deduced only from a decrease in the alkali concentration as the reaction between acetaldehyde and alkali was followed by titration. The •Gannizzaro reaction often occurs indirectly when aldehydes
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