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Unformatted text preview: EXPERIMENTAL PROCEDURES 111 EXPERIMENTAL PROCEDURES The Cannizzaro reaction with benzaldehyde is described in a number of manuals of organic laboratory practice. The preparation of penta- erythritol (p. 101) and the conversion of furfural into furfuryl alcohol and furoic acid are described in Organic Syntheses.** Below are a few typical examples of the reaction covering a number of the modifications discussed in the foregoing pages. 2-Methyl-2-ethylpropane-l,3-diol. 42 To a mixture of 46 g. of methyl- ethylacetaldehyde and 82 g. of formalin (40%) is added with cooling a 12% alcoholic solution of pqtassium hydroxide containing 23 g. of potassium hydroxide. After twelve hours the excess alkali is neutralized by passing in carbon dioxide, and most of the alcohol is removed by dis- tillation. The aqueous residue is extracted thoroughly with ether, and after removal of the ether the producl is distilled. The yield of the glycol, b.p. 218-220°, is nearly the theoretical amount.. It melts at 42°.glycol, b....
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