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Quiz 2: Answer Key 1. Parasympathetic nerve fibers that terminate in the heart will synapse on ____ receptors and cause the heart to _______ a. Beta1- slow down b. Alpha1 – speed up c. M1 – slow down d. N1 – speed up 2. Electrical activity spreads from one cardiac muscle cell to another by way of ________ and heart muscle can be characterized as a ____________. a. synapses, fascicle b. chemical junctions, network c. resistive desmosomes, syncitium d. pores, functional network 3. As the concentration of colloidal protein in blood capillaries increases water tends to move _______ the capillaries and any excess tissue fluid is drained away by the ________ system a. out of , hepatic b. into, arterial c. out of , renal d. into, lymphatic 4. Your liver produces substantial albumin. If it were to fail and stop producing albumin you would soon notice ______ a. general body tissue swelling. b. general body tissue shrinking and shriveling. c. swelling of only the brain. d. shrinking of heart chamber walls. 5. Poor blood circulation though the capillaries will result in ____ a. arteriolar constriction. b. capillary constriction. c. arteriolar dilation. d.
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2007EBME202_Quiz2_KEY - Quiz 2: Answer Key 1....

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