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Organic Lab Reactions 150

Organic Lab Reactions 150 - WITH PHOSPHORUS PENTACHLORIDE...

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WITH PHOSPHORUS PENTACHLORIDE 145 seems to bo, however, a definite uee for aluminum chloride where oyoli- zation is difficult. The application of the method is discussed below without reference to such distinctions. With Phosphorus Pentachloride. The method already described for the use of stannic chloride in conjunction with phosphorus pentachloride in benzene is a modification of the older aluminum chloride method (Table VII, examples marked by "k"). Nitrobenzene also has been used as the solvent (examples marked by ( 'fc" and "/"). The technique is essentially the same as that described in Procedure I except that efficient stirring (the Hershberg wire stirrer 112 is highly satisfactory) generally is necessary while the aluminum chloride is added in portions with cooling. An excellent method of introducing the reagent slowly without exposure to the atmosphere has been described. 1 " The alu- minum chloride is placed in an Erlenmeyer flask fitted to one of the apertures of a three-necked flask by means of a section of rubber tubing
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