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THE FRIEDEL-CRAFTS ALUMINUM- CHLORIDE METHOD 155 ^ TABLE VII— Continued _ SOME CTCLIZATIONS BY THE FRIEDEL-CRAFTS ALUMINUM CHLORIDE METHOD Acids Submitted to Cyclization CHBTSBNE DERIVATIVES ll-Methyl-l,2,3,4r-tetrahydrochrysene-l-acetic acid PYRBNB DERIVATIVES y-S-Pyrenylbutyric acid Yields of Ketones (c) 82% * (k) 56% * Reference 1096 82 * Yields marked by an asterisk were calculated from the acid. Most of the others were based upon the acid chloride. (a) Inverse type Friedel-Crafts reaction. (6) Yield "almost quantitative." (c) Phosphorus oxychloride removed at reduced pressure. (d) Yield calculated from acid consumed. (e) Phosphorus oxychloride separated with petroleum ether. CO Nitrobenzene solvent. ig) After six hours' boiling in carbon di«ulnde, 20% unchanged acid recovered. (*) Cyclic anhydride used instead of acid chloride. (0 Double cyclization. (f) «l/»n-Tetraohloroethane solvent. (k)
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