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Organic Lab Reactions 200

Organic Lab Reactions 200 - AMOUNT OF ALUMINUM ISOPROPOXIDE...

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AMOUNT OF ALUMINUM ISOPROPOXIDE 195 dehydration of the product. In general, if the reduction can be carried to completion in twelve to twenty-four hours in isopropyl alcohol it is usually undesirable to substitute a higher-boiling solvent, since the reac- tion is cleaner and side reactions are less likely to take place at the lower temperature. Preparation and Amount of Aluminum Isopropoxide The aluminum isopropoxide is prepared by dissolving cleaned amal- gamated aluminum in anhydrous isopropyl alcohol. Although the result- ing solution is dark because of suspended particles, in many cases it may be used for the reduction without purification. 5 This procedure is often convenient where single reductions are to be carried out with letones which are known to be reduced satisfactorily in this manner (see tables at end of chapter). However, with aldehydes or ketones which are new or not readily available, or with those which are known to give anom- alous results with unpurified reagent, it is advisable to use distilled
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