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ALUMINUM ISOPROPOXIDE 199 reaction of aluminum and dry alcohols, 41 - *•• * is added through the con- denser, and heating is continued. The mixture turns gray, and in a few minutes a vigorous evolution of hydrogen begins. It is necessary to dis- continue heating, and frequently the reaction must be moderated by cooling the flask in ice water. The mixture becomes black because of the presence of suspended particles. After the reaction has slackened, refluxing is resumed and is continued until all the aluminum has dis- solved (six to twelve hours). The hot solution is poured into a 500-cc. Claisen distilling flask at- tached to a water condenser with a 250-cc. suction flask as the receiver. A boiling-chip is added, and the flask is heated in an oil bath at 90° under slightly diminished pressure. When nearly all the isopropyl alcohol has been distilled, the bath temperature is raised to 170° and the pres- sure is lowered to the full vacuum of the water pump. As soon as the temperature of the distillate rises above 90° the distillation is stopped
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