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REDUCTION OF BENZOfHENONE 203 PROCEDTJBE IV * (FOR KETONES BOILING ABOVE 175-200°) Reduction of Benzophenone. In a 200-cc. round-bottomed flask are placed a solution of 20 g. (0.1 mole) of aluminum isopropoxide (un- purified reagent is also satisfactory for reduction of benzophenone and many other ketones) in 100 cc. of dry isopropyl alcohol (or 100 cc. of a 1 M solution in isopropyl alcohol) and 18.2 g. (0.1 mole) of benzophenone. A short (25-cm.) reflux condenser (a reflux condenser jacketed with boiling methanol 5 or a Hahn partial condenser may also be used) is attached to the flask, but no water is run through the cooling jacket. To the top of the condenser, by means of a short, bent glass tube and cork stoppers, is attached a small water-cooled condenser set for dis- tillation. A boiling-chip is added, and the solution is refluxed on the steam bath at such a rate that 5 to 10 drops of distillate are collected per minute (a rate of 1 to 4 drops of distillate per minute is better for
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