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Organic Lab Reactions 210

Organic Lab Reactions 210 - alicyclic ketones(d unsaturated...

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SUKVEY OF ALUMINUM ALKOXIDE REDUCTIONS 205 SURVEY OF ALUMINUM ALKOXIDE REDUCTIONS . REPORTED IN THE LITERATURE The following tables are intended to include all the reductions with aluminum alkoxides which were reported prior to February, 1943, al- though some examples doubtless have been overlooked. Table I lists the reduction of aldehydes, which have been subdivided into: (a) ali- phatic aldehydes and (6) alicyclic and aromatic aldehydes. Table II lists the reduction of ketones, which have been classified as: (a)-satu- rated and unsaturated aliphatic ketones, (6) aromatic ketones, (c)
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Unformatted text preview: alicyclic ketones, (d) unsaturated alicyclic and aromatic ketones, (e) a-halogen substituted ketones, (/) diketones, (g) protected diketones, Qi) alcoholic and phenolic ketones (and ethers or esters of these), and (t) keto esters. The yields that have been reported do not necessarily represent the highest that can be obtained, and it seems probable that some of the lower yields might be improved by making suitable modifications in the^ experimental procedure for the reduction and for the isolation of the product....
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