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REDUCTION OF KETONES 221 TABLE II— Continued REDUCTION OF KETONES WITH ALUMINUM ISOPBOPOXIDE Compound Reduced Dimethyl ester of 2,a- ketopheoporphyrin as Methyl ester of 2- desvinyl-2-acetyl- pheophorbide o Product Fonned Dimethyl ester of 2,a- hydroxypheoporphyrin 05 (main product) Methyl ester of 2,a-hy- droxymesopheo- phorbide a (main prod- uct) Reagent and Solvent * C C Yield Refer- ence 22 22 * Unless otherwise stated, the reductioa was oarried out with aluminum isopropoxide in boiling iso- propyl alcohol solution. C refers to clarified but undistilled aluminum isopropoxide; D, to distilled reagent; and U, to an untreated solution of the alkoxide (see p. 199). 69 E. E. Royals, private communication. 60 Dworzak, Monatsh., 47, 11 (1926). 61 1. G. Farbenindustrie A.-G., Ger. pat., 489,281 (Jan. 15, 1930) [Chem. Zenir. (I), 3104 (1930)]. 62 Reichstein, Ammann, and Trivelli, Heh. Chim. Ada, 15, 261 (1932). 63
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