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Organic Lab Reactions 250

Organic Lab Reactions 250 - DIAZO REACTION 245 zene was...

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DIAZO REACTION 245 zene was attempted. Interesting data on the relative merits of various stabilizing agents and reagents for bringing about coupling with aromatic compounds may be found in the original paper. 6 The nitrosoacetyl method usually gives good yields of biaryl com- pounds. It has the disadvantage that oxides of nitrogen must be gener- ated and that unless the nitrosation is carried out carefully the yield suffers. A recent innovation employing nitrosyl chloride has eliminated the objections of the older nitrosation procedure and promises to be the best method. Isolation of the Product. The usual method of working up the reac- tion mixtures is to remove the excess of benzene derivative by distillation or steam distillation and then obtain the biaryl by steam distillation by means of superheated steam or by keeping the reaction flask in a hot oil bath. This is a tedious process, for continued distillation is necessary
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