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Organic Lab Reactions 256

Organic Lab Reactions 256 - PREPARATION OF NITROSYL...

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PREPARATION OF NITROSYL CHLORIDE 251 at 136-138°, with the flask immersed in an oil bath at 170-190°. About 40-43 g. (56-60%) of product, m.p. 54-56°, is obtained. Recrystalli- zation from 35 cc. of methanol yields 38-40 g. (53-56%) bi large yellow crystals of 3-nitrobiphenyl melting at 58-59°. France, Heilbron, and Hey 6 * obtained 7 g. of 3-nitrobiphenyl from 10 g. of m-nitroacetanilide. Nitrosation by Nitrosyl Chloride. The use of nitrosyl chloride in the presence of sodium acetate 8 as a nitrosating agent shows much promise. Both the yield and the quality of the nitrosoacetylamines prepared by this method are. superior to those resulting from the action of nitrous fumes, and the time required for the reaction is reduced from hours to minutes. Moreover, the reaction can be put on a quantitative basis, since a liquid (NOC1) or a solution of the liquid is employed. In this way, the detrimental results due to an excess of the nitrosating agent can be .avoided.
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