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INTRODUCTION 263 PAGE EXAMPLES OP THE DEAMINATION REACTION 299 Table II. Ethanol Deaminations 300 Table III. Hypophosphorous Acid Deaminations 324 Table IV. Alkaline Formaldehyde Deaminations 334 Table V. Sodium Stannite Deaminations 336 Table VI. Deaminations via the Hydrazine 339 INTRODUCTION The replacement of an aromatic primary amino group by hydrogen is usually effected by reduction of the diazonium salt derived from the amine. ArNH 2 ->• ArN 2 + X- -* ArH + N 2 + HX It is evident that the success of the deamination process is a function of the completeness of diazotization as well as of the reduction. Fortu- nately, practically any primary aromatic amine is susceptible of diazoti- zation, usually in yields approaching the theoretical. The conditions for this reaction are comparatively standard and are fully described in monographs on the diazo compounds. 1 Diazonium compounds have been treated with a great variety of reducing agents, some of which have become incorporated into procedures
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