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298 THE AROMATIC PRIMARY AMINO GROUP The stirrer is started, and 75 cc. of formalin (37% formaldehyde) is. added. The diazo solution is then poured in a slow stream into the rapidly stirred alkaline solution of formaldehyde. The escaping nitrogen causes considerable frothing. After all the diazonium chloride solution has been added, the stirring is continued for five minutes, after which the stirrer is removed, the mouth of the flask covered with a watch glass, and the reaction mixture allowed to stand with occasional shaking for thirty to forty minutes. The oily 4-methyldiphenyl ether is collected by the addition of a lAtle carbon tetrachloride and separated from the aque- ous solution. After the carbon tetrachloride has been removed by distil- lation, the flask containing the crude product is heated to 150° in an oil bath, and the 4-methyldiphenyl ether is purified by distillation in a current of superheated steam. After separation from the water and drying, the product is distilled;
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