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EXAMPLES OF THE DEAMINATION REACTION 299 EXAMPLES OF THE DEAMINATION REACTION Each of the Tables II-VI is concerned with a single reducing agent, and, within a given table, the amines are listed in the following sequence: Amines, polyamines, and their homologs. Aminophenols. Aminoethers. Aminocarboxylic acids. Nitroamines. Aminoazo compounds. Halogenated amines. Aminosulfonic acids. Diazo oxides. Heterocyclics. Aminoarsonic acids. Aminosulfides and sulfones. "The principle of latest position" has been invoked. For example, a bromonitroaniline will be found under halogenated amines.
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Unformatted text preview: The tables are unquestionably incomplete, inasmuch as the deamina-• tion reaction has often been employed in a synthesis or structure proof without any indication of this fact in the title of the paper. It is be-lieved, however, that the list is extensive enough to afford a real cross section of the results obtained for the various reducing agents. Where the yield is not given, the product was reported in the litera-ture without any information about the yield....
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