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Organic Lab Reactions 306 - amino group. 94...

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2,5-DimethyIanilme I 2,5-Dimethylphenetole 143 3,3'-Dimethyl-4,4'-diaminobiphenyl (o-Tolidine) 3,3'-Dimethylbiphenyl + 3,3'-dimethyl- 4,4'-diethoxybiphenyl ' 'approximately equal amounts" In the presence of Zn dust only the hydrocarbon is isolated (58% yield). H3PO2 gives 76-82% yield of hydrocarbon. 14, 71, 81 2,4'-Diaminobiphenyl 4-Aminobiphenyl Used only enough HNO2 for one
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Unformatted text preview: amino group. 94 4,4'-Diaminotriphenylmethane Triphenylmethane 144 4,4',4"-Triaminotriphenylmethane Triphenylmethane (25%, crude) 145 CH 3 17 NH 2 4-Aminotetraphenylmethane Tetraphenylmethane (46%, pure) 15 NH, In the absence of Zn dust only the ether is obtained. 16,72 * References 143-195 appear on p 323....
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