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Organic Lab Reactions 307

Organic Lab Reactions 307 - Cu powder added 66...

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TABLE II— Continued ETHANOL DEAMINATIONS Amine Product, Yield Remarks Reference* -NH 2 Tin dust added. (60%) 72 CH, Zn dust added. NHCOCH, \J~Fr\J (21%) -NHCOCHa 72 tran«-o-Aminostilbene (p. 282) Stilbene (62%, incompletely purified)
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Unformatted text preview: Cu powder added. 66 cis-o-Aminostilbene (p. 282) Phenanthrene (64%, pure) Cu powder is added. NaH2PO2 also v fails here, an 80% yield of pure phenanthrene resulting. 66...
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