Organic Lab Reactions 308

Organic Lab Reactions 308 - Ethyl benzoate (main product) +

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H H w NH 2 o-03-Phenylethyl)-aniline (p. 281) o-Aminophenol m-Aminophenol p-Aminophenol p-Anisidine 3,3'-Dimethoxy-4,4'-diaminobiphenyl (o- dianisidine) o-Aminobenzoic acid m-Aminobenzoic acid Phenanthrene (18%, pure) 9,10-Dihydrophenanthrene (co. 60%) + o-(/3-phenyl ethyl)-phenol (23%) Phenol Phenol Phenol (60%) Anisole 3,3'-Dimethoxybiphenyl (12%, pure) Ethyl benzoate (53%)
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Unformatted text preview: Ethyl benzoate (main product) + ethyl-m-ethoxybenzoate Qu powder added. Cu powder added. NaHaPOs gives crude CeHijCItCI^CeHB in 47% yield. ZnO added. Used methanol. Diazonium salt stabilized with ZnClj. Zn dust added. H3PO2 gives 66-78% yield (pure). • 37 66 25 25 41 41 45 22,23 24, 23,22 * References 143-195 appear on p. 323....
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