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3,3VDimethyl-4,4'-diaminobiphenyl (o- Tolidine) NH 2 4~V- \}— NHCOCH, 2,5-Diaminotriptycene (p. 280) iran-8-o-Aminostilbene (p. 282) cts-o-Aminostilbene (p. 282) o-(jS-Phenylethyl)-aniline (p. 281) 2-Hydroxy-4'-aminobiphenyl 3,3'-Dimethoxy-4,4'-4iaminobiphenyl 3,3'-Dimethylbiphenyl (76-82%, pure) ^VY^V-NHCOCH, Triptycene (40-45%, pure) fetons-Stilbene (40-^50%) Phenanthrene (80%, pure) Dibenzyl (47%) 2-Hydroxybiphenyl 3,3'-Dimethoxybiphenyl (66-78%, pure) Ethanol gives a 58% yield.
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Unformatted text preview: Must diazotize with sulfuric acid. Ethanol and sodium stannite fail here. NaH 2 PO 2 used. NaH 2 PO 2 used. Ethanol also fails here, a 64% yield of pure phenan-threne resulting. NaH2PO 2 used. Ethanol fails here, 9,10-dihydrophenanthrene being obtained in ca. 50% yield. "H3PO2 was the best of the various reducing agents tried." Ethanol gives a 12% yield of pure product. 81,80 94 83, see p. 297 66 66 66 94 80,81 a CO 1 on ea 8...
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