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Organic Lab Reactions 333

Organic Lab Reactions 333 - Product Yield OCH NO r65-70...

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TABLE III—Continued HTPOFBOSFHOROTTS ACID DEAMINATIONS 09 to 00 Amine OCH, v NO* 3-Nitro-4'-aminobipbenyl 2,4'-Diamino-4-nitrobiphenyl 2',4-Diamino-3-nitrobiphenyl 2,4'-Diamino-3',4-dinitrobiphenyl 2,2'-Dinitro-4-amiiiobiphenyl 2,4-Dinit.ro-4'-amin6biphenyl 2-AiniDO-4,4'-dinitrobiphenyl 2-Hydroxy-4-nitro-4'-aminobiphenyl
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Unformatted text preview: Product, Yield OCH, NO, r65-70%, pure) 3-Nitrobiphenyl 4-Nitrobiphenyl 3-Nitro-4-aminobiphenyl 3',4-Dinitrobiphenyl 2,2'-Diniteobiphenyl 2,4-Dinitrobiphenyl 4,4'-Knitrobipheiiyl 2-Hydroxy-4-nitrobiphenyl Remarks Used only one mole HNO2. Reference* 82 196 196 197 196 198 198 198 196...
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