Organic Lab Reactions 335

Organic Lab - CHs Br—||^W-Br(91 C 2 H 6(70 pure o-Bromobenzoic acid(75 1-Bromotriptycene 3,4-Dibromobiphenyl 3,4-Dibromobiphenyl Remarks Must

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TABLE III— Continued HYPOPHOSPHOBOTTS ACID DEAMINATIONS s o AmiBe CH, Br—it^V-Br ILJ-NH, Br—IIJ—CJI. NH* 3-Amino-6-bromobenzoic acid l-Bromo-2,5-diamino tnptycene (p. 280) 3,4-Dibromo-4'-aminobiphenyl 3,4-Dibromo-4',6-diaminobiphenyl Product, Yield
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Unformatted text preview: CHs Br—||^W-Br (91%) C 2 H 6 (70%, pure) o-Bromobenzoic acid (75%) 1-Bromotriptycene 3,4-Dibromobiphenyl 3,4-Dibromobiphenyl Remarks Must diazotize with sulfuric acid. Reference* 13 89 13 83 85 85 I...
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