Organic Lab Reactions 340

Organic Lab Reactions 340 - H3PO2 60-70%. p-Nitroanihne *...

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OH,-/ (50%) -NH S Detailed directions on p. 297. o-Aminobenzoic acid Benzoic acid (25%) o-Nitroaniline Nitrobenzene (20%) Ethanol gives ca. 82% nitrobenzene, H3PO2 75-80%. m-Nitroaniline Nitrobenzene (10%) Ethanol gives co. 66% nitrobenzene,
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Unformatted text preview: H3PO2 60-70%. p-Nitroanihne * Nitrobenzene (10%) Ethanol gives ca. 70% nitrobenzene, H3PO2 55-60%. o-Chloroamluie Chlorobenzene (55%) p-Chloroaniline Chlorobenzene (50%) 2,5-Dichloroaniline p-Dichlorobenzene (10%)...
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