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COP 4600 - Homework 2 Due March 17, 2009 Problem 1: (50 pts) This problem requires you to complete a multithreaded program sorting files. Download the zip file from the web page, and follow the instructions in Readme.txt Problem 2: (15 pts) Consider an environment in which there is a one-to-one mapping between user-level threads and kernel level threads that allows one or more threads within a process to issue blocking system calls while other threads continue to run. Explain why this model can make multithreaded programs run faster than their single-threaded counterparts on a uniprocessor computer. Problem 3: (15 pts) If a process exits and there are still threads of that process running, will they continue to run? Problem 4: (20 pts) In many aspects, multiprogramming (running multiple programs on single processor machines) and multiprocessing (running multiple programs on multiple processors) create the same problems with respect to concurrency. However, there are some differences as well. Describe two of them.
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