hw6 - (2); Answer: Problem 2. Lonngren 6.4.1 Answer:...

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Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science EEL 3470 Electromagnetic Fields Homework Set No. 6 Please turn in your answers, MatLab files and results. Each group should turn in ONLY one set of homework. Print this page and write your answers. After that, attach your MatLab files and results. Names: __________________ ___________________ ___________________ Problem 1. The time harmonic electric fields inside a source-free perfect magnetic conducting (PMC) rectangular waveguide are given by Assume that the media inside the waveguide is free space, and four side walls at and are perfect magnetic conductor. For a section of the waveguide of length l along z axis from to , find: (1)time domain expression of electric fields;
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Unformatted text preview: (2); Answer: Problem 2. Lonngren 6.4.1 Answer: Problem 3. The phasor form expression for the electric field of a uniform plane wave propagating in lossless isotropic medium is E (x) = 60 [(1 + j) a y - (1-j) a z ]exp(j4x) V/m. The magnetic field at point (0,0,0) when t = 0 is A/m. The unit of t is second and the unit of x is meter. The radian frequency is rad/s. Find (1) the time domain expression of the electric field; (2) the wave impedance of the media; (3) the relative dielectric constant r and relative permeability r; (4) the time domain expression for magnetic field; Answer: Problem 4. Lonngren 6.4.4 Answer: Problem 5. Lonngren 6.4.7 Answer:...
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hw6 - (2); Answer: Problem 2. Lonngren 6.4.1 Answer:...

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