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Week 1 DQ response - equipment for the entire shift(12 hrs...

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Doug, My current manager allows his emotions to dictate many of his decisions. He constantly makes decisions based on his emotional state for that day. Recently his leg has been giving him problems and he has been in a bad mood. The manager allows his personal problems to interfere with his judgment. I have witnessed numerous cases where employees have no work for the entire shift but this particular manager will not allow the employee to leave. Instead, the employee must sweep and wipe down
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Unformatted text preview: equipment for the entire shift (12 hrs). The manager has a reputation for showing favoritism for some and picking at other employees. This particular manager likes to control his employees by fear. His constant remarks regarding employee production, company rumors and people in general are intolerable. The environment creates much tension and employees are regularly disgruntled. I believe lack of training contributes to the managers behavior and decision making ability....
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