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People mistake symptoms for problems when critical thinking skills are not used to analyze situations. Using critical thinking skills allows people to establish a relationship between specific pieces of information. Symptoms can be easier to identify and often sidetrack people from recognizing the root cause of their problems. The best way to identify the origin of a problem is by using a systematic thinking approach. The company described in the DQ is referred to as internationally recognized beverage company. This statement gives me the impression the organization was overconfident in their ability to implemented new products. Chapter nine discussed how organizations can fail as a result of appeal to traditions. The beverage company’s failure could be a result of improper market analysis. The company made assumed their old
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Unformatted text preview: distribution channels would be sufficient to market the new product. The example reminds me of incident with the Coca-Cola Company in the 1980’s. Coke tried to replace their original recipe with a new taste. The marketing ploy was a huge failure which forced Coke to revert to their original recipe otherwise known as Classic Coke. Coke’s problem was failure adequately test the new product before widespread implementation. People and organizations can avoid such failures by using critical thinking techniques. Logical thinking can be reinforced by exercising the specific strategies such as brainstorming, creative thinking, comparing and deductive reasoning. Applying the scientific method to problem solving is a fundamental way of developing solutions....
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