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Week 3 team assignment - must take similar action that...

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Southwire, the organization I work for, uses a proactive style in the decision- making process. The company developed a system known as Operation Perfection at Southwire (OPS) to implement standardized work practices. OPS utilizes a collective and participative approach to all decision-making processes. Management maintains ultimate control over most decisions although outside information is considered. A major goal of the OPS initiative is to work as a team with a unified goal of business success. One example of how teams are used in the decision-making process is the use of Huddle Groups. Huddles allow employees and management to assemble to discuss ideas, make changes, consult, and make decisions. Southwire’s website states “just as a sporting team huddles together to strategize and prepare, we in the business industry
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Unformatted text preview: must take similar action that promote a positive exchange of ideas and lead us down the path of continuous improvement” (2009). A core principal of OPS is to recognize and eliminated repetitive frustrations by identifying the root cause of the problem. Using standardized system such as the OPS program removes the ability to make decision based on personal proclivity. The OPS system allows the organization to incorporate flexible styles in an integrative fashion. Employment of the OPS system is standardized but the company uses flexible methods to develop solutions to problems. Remaining flexible allows the organization to consistently tweak their processes in an effort to discover perfection. Southire.com (2009). OPS. Retrieved December 19, 2009, from http://www.southwire.com/employee/ops.htm...
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