AC571 Week 2 Assignment - AC571 Week 2 Assignment Problem...

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AC571 Week 2 Assignment Problem 5-5 a) If I were the internal auditor, I would recommend management team to design and place an electronic bar code on all merchandises. When a customer purchases merchandises from a retail store, a cashier can simply scan the bar code pasted on the merchandises. Managers can track inventory counts by comparing with actual quantity of merchandises sold at the store. This bar code can also be designed as a safeguard devise. Without a cashier scans the bar code and releases the merchandise. Stolen merchandises would trigger alarm when merchandises pass through a security door. In addition, each cashier should assign an individual employee ID. A cashier needs to use his employee ID and his password to log in a check out machine. This way can prevent employees and customers colluded to steal merchandises. b) There should be a separation of duties when charge of payroll. A supervisor who approves employees’ time log should not be given authority to enter time sheet in behalf of an employee. And same supervisor should not distribute payroll checks.
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AC571 Week 2 Assignment - AC571 Week 2 Assignment Problem...

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