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~ame: ____ _ ___ Date: ______ rUJAL I. Advocates ofthe social influence theory ofhypnosis are likely to argue that: A) hypnosis is a unique state of consciousness. B) hypnotized people are simply enacting the role of good hypnotic subjects. C) the process ofdissociation best explains hypnotic phenomena. D) most hypnotized people are consciously faking hypnosis. E) hypnotic susceptibility is positively correlated with introversion. 2. Deep sleep appears to play an important role in: A) narcolepsy. B) sleep apnea. C) paradoxical sleep. D) posthypnotic amnesia. E) physical growth. 3. Consciousness is to unconsciousness as ____ is to monism; dualism D) latent content; manifest content B) serial processing; parallel processing E) delta wave; alpha wave C) narcolepsy; sleep apnea 4. LSD is most likely to produce: A) narcolepsy. B) hallucinations. C) dissociation. D) night terrors. E) agc regression. 5. Alpha waves are associated with: A) REM sleep. B) Stage 2 sleep. C) Stage 3 sleep. D) Stage 4 sleep. E) a relaxed but awake state. 6. Hypnosis has been associated with quackery, thanks to the false claims made by: A) Sigmund Freud. B) Ernst Hilgard. C) Martin Orne. D) William Dement. E) Anton Mesmer. 7. Research on dreaming indicates that: A) some people are able to test their state ofconsciousness while dreaming. dreams cannot be ennfused with reality. C) about halfthe dreams reported by young men have sexual overtones. D) most dreams are unrelated to actual daily events. E) it is impossible to perceive color in dream images. 8. Sleeptalking may occur during: A) Stage I sleep. B) Stage 2 sleep. C) REM sleep. D) Stage 4 sleep. E) any stage ofsleep. 9. Which ofthe following is bad advice for a person trying to overcome insomnia? A) Awaken at the same time every day even ifyou have had a restless night. Drink a glass ofmilk 15 minutes before bedtime. C) Avoid taking short naps during the day. D) Drink a glass ofwine 15 minutes before bedtime. E) Don't engage in strenuous physical exercise just before bedtime. 10. The school ofthought in psychology that systematically avoided the study ofconsciousness during the first half ofthe last century was: A) psychoanalysis. B) behaviorism. C) functionalism. D) structuralism. E) Gestalt psychology. II. Drug tolerance refers to the: A) absence ofpain or anxiety following the use ofa drug. loss ofsocial inhibitions following drug use. C) discomfort and distress that follow the discontinued use of a drug. D) reduced effect ofa drug resulting from its regular usage. E) belief that drug use should be legalized. 12. Paradoxical sleep is to slow-wave sleep as sleep is to sleep. A) REM; Stage I B) Stage 1; REM C) REM; Stage 2 D) Stage 2; REM E) REM; Stage 4 13. A brief 15- to 30-minutc rush ofeuphoria followed by a crash ofagitated depression is most closely associated with the use of: A) marijuana. B) cocaine. C) LSD. D) barbiturates. E) morphine.
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AP_PSYCH_TEST_CH7_FINAL_STUDENT - ~ame: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Date:...

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