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EDUC2400 Fall 2011 Assignment #1 Both Sides of the Coin (1500 word limit) Resources for this paper: Personal Experience, Olsen As we kick off our foray into education and learning, it is time to critically assess your knowledge base. All of you have had extensive experience in an educational setting or two with the proof being that you are sitting in a class at Cornell. One issue in education that surfaces is that most of us have many years exposure to some aspect of it. That makes many people feel that they know what teaching is all about. Your challenge: First, recall your secondary education. Identify three, well remembered learning events. This is from both informal and formal learning experiences. Describe the events, why they are so memorable, and how they continue to impact you. Second, flip the coin over! Now, describe these same three events from the standpoint of the instructor. Put yourself in their shoes!
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