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VAII - David Chao Writing 1 Ms Ford Toyota moving backwards...

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David Chao Writing 1 Ms. Ford 2/15/08 Toyota: moving backwards After exploring the advertisement for the all new 2008 Toyota Sequoia in the January 28, 2008 issue of Sports Illustrated , it led me to further investigation of the way in which the ad reflects the cultural situation that we live in. The advertisement for Toyota’s SUV addresses issues such as reliability, the environment, consumer base. While Toyota carries the slogan ‘moving forward,’ not all of the companies ideas are improving the state of our environment and our quality of life. While there have been improvements in vehicles to help reduce greenhouse gases, such as the creation of hybrid vehicles, the SUV still remains a huge contributor of harmful gases. By advertising this car in such a way with pictures that suggest a weather friendly environment, the company contradicts their slogan. The only way Toyota seems to be moving forward is their increased participation in the United States economy and contribution of harmful greenhouse gases that will make global warming a bigger problem. The ad introduces a weather element to the ad right off the bat. Lining the top of the ad are the words “the perfect day isn’t always up to the weather.” The advertisers primary implicit message in these words are to convey that even though weather is capricious and cannot be depended on for a perfect day, the Toyota Sequoia can always be counted on for its reliability. Having a reliable car “allows you to focus on more important things, like having the time of your life.” In essence, the reader is supposed to believe that while unreliable bad weather might stop
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someone from participating in an event, the Toyota Sequoia will not break down easily and always be ready, even when Mother Nature is not. The advertisers want the readers to focus on the reliability of the SUV, instead of focusing on its harmful effects on the environment.
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