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HW5 - isolation amplifiers and thermocouple amplifiers If...

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ECE 2100 Fall 2010 Homework assignment 5 Covered: Chapter 10: Amplifiers and Op-amps 1) Prelab: Consider the following differentiating Op Amp circuit. a. Derive a relationship between the input voltage and the output voltage. Assume the Op Amp is ideal. b. Assume the input voltage is a triangular wave. What is the output waveform? Explain! c. Find a relationship between the frequency and peak-to-peak amplitude of the triangular wave and the peak-to-peak voltage of the output waveform. d. Predict the output voltage peak-to-peak value if the input is driven by a 1 volt peak-to-peak, 200 Hz sine wave. 2) Book problem 10.3 3) Book problem 10.6 4) Book problem 10.11 5) Book problem 10.12 6) Book problem 10.15 7) Book problem 10.17 8) The following is an instrumentation amplifier used in data acquisition systems,
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Unformatted text preview: isolation amplifiers, and thermocouple amplifiers. If Rg is a tunable resistor, a) What is the gain of this circuit, vo/(v2-v1)? b) If R2=R3=10k , R1=Rg=500 , v1=2.011V, v2=2.015V, find vo. 10kΩ Vin - + Vout 0.01μF 9) For the following circuit, a) Find vo if Vs=Vmcos t. b) What is vo is = 10rad/sec? c) What value of will vo be 25 degrees phase shifted from Vin? d) What happens to the magnitude and phase of the output signal as goes to infinity? 10) For the circuit below a) Find the Thevanin equivalent for this circuit such that it can be modeled as the circuit below b) Find vo in terms of v1, v2, v3, and v4. c) What is this circuit useful for? 11) Book problem 10.27 12) Book problem 10.30 13) Book problem 10.35 14) Book problem 10.36 15) Book problem 10.38...
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