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Rhetorical Analysis Part II

Rhetorical Analysis Part II - 1 David Chao Writing 1 Ms...

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1 David Chao 3/28/08 Writing 1 Ms. Ford Rhetorical Analysis Part II Patterns found in The Godfather Mario Puzo creates a masterpiece in writing the screenplay for the movie The Godfather , as he sends such a powerful message to the viewers about the culture of America and the different types of people who inhabit the country. A major cultural message of the cultural text is the importance of the Sicilian identity to members of the Corleone family and their friends. Don Corleone, the head of the Italian mob family, acts as Puzo’s voice and sees American culture as an encroachment on some of the values which Sicilians hold dear to them. The Godfather contains a revealing pattern of examples of American ‘injustice’ and the difference in moral values found in the Corleone family, which in turn supports Puzo’s message about the need for the Corleone family to keep Sicilian values and not surrender to injustice that is found in American culture today. Examples of injustice and more importantly, the clash of Sicilian and American-like moral values can be found in scenes in The Godfather when a friend’s daughter of Don Corleone is cheated in a courtroom case, Don’s youngest son Michael is trying to assimilate into American culture, another of Don’s sons is murdered, and when an enemy to the Corleone family is killed. The patterns show why Puzo believes it is important for the Sicilians to keep their true identity and not be integrated into American culture.
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2 The first scene in The Godfather is the first of the reoccurring patterns that deal with American ‘injustice’ and the different ideals that are typified by the Sicilians. One of Don Corleone’s friends named Bonasera visits him to speak about experiencing injustice in the American court system, specifically pertaining to his daughter, and says: I believe in America. America has made my fortune, and I raised my daughter in American fashion. I give her freedom, but I taught her never to dishonor her family. She found a boyfriend. Not an Italian […] Two months ago [her boyfriend and his friend] took her for a drive […] and tried to take advantage of her. […] She resisted, so they beat
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Rhetorical Analysis Part II - 1 David Chao Writing 1 Ms...

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