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CS1371 – Computing for Engineers Practice Test 2 Solutions Fall 2009 Page 1 of 5 Georgia Institute of Technology College of Computing CS1371 Computing for Engineers Practice Test 2 Solutions - Fall Semester 2009 Multiple Choice 1. The following MATLAB code is executed: A = struct('FirstName','George','Democrat',false); B = fieldnames(A); A.(B{2}) = true; What does the structure A look like after all of the code above has been executed? A. FirstName: 'George' B. FirstName: 'George' C. FirstName: 'George' Democrat: 0 Democrat: 1 Democrat: 0 George: 0 D. FirstName: 'George' E. Error Democrat: 0 George: 1 2. Which choice below is NOT true about the following line of code? f1 = fopen('recipe.txt', 'r') A. The file handle for ‘recipe.txt’ is stored in the variable f1 B. The text from ‘recipe.txt’ is stored in the cell array f1 C. The file has been opened with read only permission D. Both A and C E. Both B and C 3. Given an excel file (test.xls) containing the information below: The command [a,b,c] = xlsread('test.xls'); is run in Matlab. What is the correct order of a, b, and c in order of increasing number of elements (i.e. number of rows multiplied by number of columns for each)? A. c, b, a B. a, b, c C. a == b, c D. b, c, a E. a, b == c 4. A structure array is defined as follows: Person(1).name = 'Bob' Person(2).name = 'Joe' Person(1).dad = Person(2)
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CS1371_Fall_2009_PracticeTest2_Solutions - CS1371 Computing...

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